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New Community Orchard

Countess of Buchan Way

On the 16th of December 2020, the Friends of Castle Parks planted over 30 trees

in Countess of Buchan Way near Morrisons as part of the Community Orchard Scheme.

Hopefully in a year or two they will be contributing to the green spaces of Berwick. 
Many thanks to Catherine Seymour for financial support for the project from her councillors' budget allocation.

You can see a description of the trees here. Their locations are shown in the diagram below.


Location in Countess of Buchan Way

Orchard plan
The orchard plaque

Installing the new plaque December 21


Tidy up December 21

Walnut and Mulberry

Final trees March 2021, walnut and mulberry

Community orchard bark
Community orchard overview

January 2021

Orchard 2
Orchard 1
Jane and mattock 2
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