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The Restoration

Click here to see our video of the restoration produced by Berwick Youth Project on YouTube.

In June 2011, the Northumberland County Council was awarded £53,200 from the Heritage Lottery Fund.  This supported a feasibility study that, in December 2012, enabled the project garner a further £890,700 from the Heritage Lottery Fund.  

Berwick Town Council and Northumberland County Council, with in-kind volunteer time from individuals and community groups such as Castlegate Area Residents Association, boosted these reserves to nearly £943,000 in order to restore and improve, these beautiful parks. 

Work on the Parks started in March 2013, removing and crown clearing trees.  

The main construction phase, between Autumn 2013 and July 2014, involved improvements to footpaths, steps, railings, entrances and access.  Shelters, garden spaces and seats have been upgraded, as well as the return of water and lilies to the lily pond in Castle Vale Park.  

TGP Landscape Architects have been the lead consultants on the project ensuring the many and varied strands required of a Heritage Lottery Funded parks project come together.


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