Sculpture installation 24 Feb 18

IMG_20180226_142032 bat pavillion
IMG_20180226_142159 otter
IMG_20180226_141834 owl
IMG_20180226_141957 bat
IMG_20180226_141655 otter 2
IMG_20180224_102532 still life
IMG_20180224_102300 erecting owl
IMG_20180224_101953 proud w bat
IMG_20180224_101323 owl detail
IMG_20180224_092307 Little corporal
IMG_20180224_095950 Boss thinking
IMG_20180224_095754 pre-burial otter
IMG_20180224_095854 mole in waiting
IMG_20180224_093438 thinking caps
IMG_20180224_095552 Downhill

Castle Vale and Coronation Parks were restored with support from Heritage Lottery Fund, Berwick-upon-Tweed Town Council and Northumberland County Council